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Callus Remover 2.0™ | We are with you every step

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Callus Remover 2.0 adds a special touch to your foot care. With its sensitive callus remover and vacuum feature, it not only cares for your feet, but also rejuvenates your soul and creates a special cottony feeling for you.

What Dr Richard says about foot calluses

🩺 Dr. Richard : Untreated calluses can cause long-term pain, discomfort, risk of infection and serious problems in the foot structure. It is necessary to prevent this negative situation by using effective solutions quickly.

How did the people who bought Callus Remover 2.0 rate it?

✅ Our customers said they felt cleaner and more hygienic thanks to the vacuum feature

✅ Our customers reported a pain-free experience thanks to the sensitive headpiece

✅ Our customers said they got rid of aesthetic dissatisfaction thanks to Callus Remover 2.0


Callus Remover 2.0 offers a quick solution with its sensitive and painless design. It completes your foot care comfortably and effectively.


Callus Remover 2.0 provides effective foot care quickly with its simple and convenient smart design.


With its lightweight, portable and rechargeable design, Callus Remover 2.0 gives you the pleasure of doing your foot care anytime, anywhere.We Are With You Every Step 😊


The built-in vacuum provides a clean and hygienic solution during and after callus removal. You only need to experience the cottony feeling.


Made with reliable materials, Callus Remover 2.0 guarantees a quality foot care experience with its long-lasting use.


How long is the shipping time

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- UK: 4-8 business days

How does the Callus Remover work?

It uses a rotating or oscillating abrasive surface to gently remove dead skin and calluses from the feet.

Can it be be used on sensitive skin?

The Electric Callus Remover comes with adjustable speed settings, allowing users to customize the intensity. Start with a lower setting and increase if comfortable.

Can I use Callus Remover 2.0™ on wet skin?

It's designed for dry use. It's recommended to use it on dry skin to achieve optimal results and prevent damage.

How often should I use it?

The frequency depends on the severity of your calluses. It's generally safe to use it once a week, but you can adjust based on your individual needs.

How do I clean and maintain the Callus Remover?

Just open the device to remove all the dead skin it contains. Use the brush to ensure a meticulous cleaning process.

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